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Blackened Paper

The Branded Team

Shared dedication 

to intentional branding


brand guardianship

Carrie Keppner, Owner, Creative Director
Deb O'Connor, Owner, Strategic Director
Branded Logo Image


combined years of


B2B        B2C


- corporate

- education

- healthcare

- hospitality

- manufacturing

- real estate




- business

- graphic design

- marketing

- strategy

- writing


The Branded Story

The C and D of Branded by CND

Before founding Branded, Carrie and Deb ran their own, separate marketing companies. Carrie managed her graphic design business from her charming Cape Cod with a red front door. Just two blocks away, Deb served her clients' marketing needs from her own charming Cape Cod - with a decidedly less interesting green door. Neither knew of the other.

When Deb was looking for a graphic designer for a branding project in 2019, a mutual client recommended Carrie. And the moment Deb knocked on that red front door, the Branded story began. While working together on the branding project, Deb and Carrie recognized a synergy, a unique dedication to similar values, professionalism, work-life balance, client service and, most importantly, intentional branding. 

And Branded was born.

Tell your story -

the Branded way.

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